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The forms listed below are available for download:

  • Real Estate Sales Contract, Contract Addendum and Supplemental Contract Information
    Our Title Insurance Underwriter requires a written contract with every Title Insurance application/commitment/policy. By law, a contract requires a minimum of 5 parts: (1) contract date; (2) names of seller and buyer; (3) an amount or identification of value received; (4) description of property to be sold; and (5) signatures of sellers and buyers. This Contract can be used for simple transactions. We recommend that you consult an attorney for a more definitive contract if your transaction is more complex. The Supplemental Contract Information will provide more detail and explain why we need specific information for your sales transaction.

  • Payoff Authorization Form
    If the lands to be sold have an existing mortgage, your lender will require a written authorization for us to obtain payoff information. Please include lender's name (and contact person if possible) along with lender’s address and phone number in addition to your loan number, social security number and signature. This document needs to be returned to us as soon as possible.

  • Wiring Instructions for Incoming Wires

  • Owner Financing Information
         Advantages and Disadvantages of Owner Financing
         Information for Owner Financing Arrangements
  • Title Order Form
    Lenders, please use this form when placing an order for a loan policy. Persons that wish to obtain a title policy or order document preparation can also use this form to place their order.