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About Bentley Title Company

Bentley Title Company was established by C.M. Bentley and operated by the Bentley family until 1946 when it was acquired by Mr. Virgil McNabb. McNabb owned and operated the business until 1967 when it was acquired by Don and Geraldine Freeman and continues to be operated by Michael Freeman.

We are the only Title Company in Hickory County with books dating back to the founding of the County. Although we still provide title abstracting, the majority of our business is now title insurance. We are an agent for Agent’s National Title Insurance Co. headquartered in Columbia, Missouri providing both owners and lenders title insurance commitments and policies.

Other services offered by our organization are Real Estate Closing Services, Escrow Services (including 103 1 Exchange and construction disbursing) and Land Survey services (both boundary and Surveyor's Real Property Reports commonly known as 'Mortgage Surveys').